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Thumbs down hey whats up with adult debate???

steve c i agree , and not just because i think VR whould not have been delt so heavily handed .But there is merit for doing what maui country did
But to the point of my comment, one: I think IMHO most of the "opinions" from these anon folks are just one "folk". I beleive the same "individuals" well thought out arguments can be found on old archived blog comments over at giampaolos maui-windsurf report website. The way this person uses language fits the bill.

Two: I cannot understand the mindset of a person whos well though logical reasoning slowly degrades into insults.
Unregistered, your arguments are very valid and well thought out and make sense , but why then taint them with high browed insults???
Because you disagree???
such actions just degrade the same points you have taken so much time to develope.
Even after these actions , I respect your opinions but further attacks will lead to a loss of respect for you.

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