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Default RE: iSonic or Carve as Lightwind Board

Hello again Thomas,
Again, what board and what sail will depend a great deal on what windspeed.
If you get alot of 9-12 knot winds then the larger 133 and probably a
9.0 or larger free race sail (something with lots of low end like a Retro, NP V8, or Severne Gator.
If you get more in the 12-15 knot range then a good 8.5 (same criteria as above) anf the Isonic 122 should be a little better combo.
Actually if you get more than 15 knots any percentage of the time an even smaller 111 would be good.
10-15 knots is a tough windrange to select boards and sails for.
If you have steady winds, it's much easier, as you can stay on plane with a smaller board and sail.
If you have gusty up and down winds. it's far more difficult as you won't get going or stay going in the lulls, and may be a little overpowered and with slightly too much board in the gusts.
A little better to make 12 knots the "decision point" I think.
A good 7.5-8.5 m2 rig, and a 122-145 liter board and at your weight you will eventually figure out how to get this combination planing most of the time if the wind is 12 knots or more.
If you get up to 20 knots and more, then you want a much smaller rig and board and your 104 ltr sounds about right with a 5.5 m2 rig.
Try to learn to be "efficient" and sail the smallest board and rig size (esp. rig size) you can get away with.
Hope this helps,
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