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Default the long term real changes

Not to sound like the chiding mother but thats more like it.
I too hope their is a golden middle somewhere.
i think in 50 years maui will be more laid back then some think. And it all comes down to fossil fuels.
the writing is on the wall.
While air travel is still cheap , it will not be like this forever. The economic changes that more expensive oil will bring is such that less people will travel to maui as they simply will not be able to afford the airfare.
sound dumb?? well i dont think so.
Now one might think that the rich will still be able to go to maui. Maybe the very rich , but while everyday their are more people in the world there are less rich people and anyways the baja is closer.
it also will be more expenisive to live in maui, and if one is reliant on things shipping in from off island.
then the people of maui will have real challenges, plantations all over again and maybe real food crops will be grown.
perhaps poi back in style as a staple not a luau curiosity.

humans have a short memory. and we are lucky we live in the time that we do.
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