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Ian Fox
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Also "impt" not to let reactionary comments get in way of reality!! (like, where's the "hype" ???)

What Starboard had written :

"For 2009, Starboard is proud to introduce a collection of three new iSonic Speed Specials, exact replicas of the boards Antoine used to take home the World Speed Champion title."

"On March 5th 2007, Dream Team rider Antoine Albeau takes a Starboard-built custom board to break the record and set a new benchmark in the world of wind-powered sports."

(For those with short memories - or minimal knowledge of the sport of speed sailing, last year ISA conducted a World Championship series, which resulted in the (current) title of World Speed Champion being won by a large Frenchman - irrespective of any WR results in March )

> There is clearly no claim the new boards are WR Canal replicas.
> The WR news clearly refers to a custom board.

Most of the (global) speed sailing community probably relates much more to the boards used in the ISA / World Speed Championship series conditions, than some esoteric canal special for use at 50kts in 50 kts of wind..
So for that reason, presenting (production board replicas of) A2's World Speed Championship boards proven competitive in real world conditions (and from same designer as A2's WR custom) actually makes a lot of sense.

Maybe some guys just can't see that.. Or read clearly.. Or sign their name.. even Aussies..

...and no, I didn't write that SB release...

Cheers ~ Ian
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