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Saturday, wind 15-knots, Drake r19 standard fin, 162 Neil Pryde RS Racing 10.7.

Footstraps back/back, mastfoot 2cm behind center, and I think it needs to be further back.

Itís the first time out with the new board and I know from earlier experiences that you only get the feel for the board and its features/capacity after several hours sailing.

The first thing I notice in comparison to 161 is that on a reach and broad reach the 162cm is not much faster but more controllable so the need to use the chicken strap is less, even in high winds. The board slides easier over waves/chop.

Into the wind; put pressure on the standard fin and it pointed high, the fin delivers a good angle and seems fast. On a reach or broad reach it is also fast, but in stronger winds from 20 knots it gets caught a little in the water and it affects the speed.

I would choose to use the fin up to about 15-16 knots. It works well in higher winds also, but most people have something better in their finbag.

I though the nose of the board rode high last time I sailed, the water was flat, now I see that it is a bit lower and skims right over the tops of the waves, but it almost never hits the wave, it skids over it. I will trim a bit more today and see if I can get the nose a bit higher and see if I can trim the entire setup so it becomes easier to tilt the board leeward on broad or tight reaches. It seems like it should be sailed a bit less on the rail than 161.

Will come back with a report tonight, it is now blowing 18-25 knots and Iím going out sailing.

As previously mentioned itís still early in the tuning phase with only three hours on the board so far so I believe a lot will change after a while.

I had with me three juniors yesterday, to girls and a boy, all on FW. They are tough.

Sailed yesterday, windspeed of 25-35 knots, 3 degrees Celsius, sail Neil Pryde RS Racing 10.7, fin Deboichet R18 70 M +9

Hit the water and the wind dropped to 6-12 knots and gusty.

Proved to myself that the R18 fin was too stiff. The board did not want to rail up on broad/close reach. Even if the fin did not lift well (not enough wind) the board rode high in the water despite my 97kg + suit etc.

Did not get any other impressions of the SB162 other than that it rode high and that the board was stable.. maybe more than the 161. There is obviously a marked V in the board and that helps add stability. I notice very little difference from the 161 when it comes to boardspeed.. at least yet.

Going out today if there is wind. There were direction changes of 20 degrees yesterday, very gusty, and 90% no wind, so there was only sailing in the gusts.

Forecast 20 knots today and will test fins Dave Kashy 70XS, Deboichet R13M, Drake 19

Will write tonight if I go sailing.

Finally got my two Starboard F162

Will post pictures and a test report after sailing the board a bit.

The new fin thatís included, a Drake R19 S (Deboichet copy) looks really good.

A real finish improvement from the 161 fin. It looks like a 4000NOK fin.
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