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Come on guyz you know you were taking advantage of Antonie's world record by association, you're just getting semantic. It also happened on Seabreeze where a local shop was trying to generate hype from Antonie's efforts.

It's brilliant that Staboard are getting behind speed and introducing these boards. The general public would prbably get less than 1% usage out of a 37 CFC custom, whereas with Isonic customs they'd probably get much more use, and I say "Well Done Starboard".

Sorry, Mark h and Ian F you guyz sound very sensitive on this issue, and I don't mean to offend, but the windsurfing masses don't need to be confused or mislead, and your clarification helps Ian F about what the boards really are, and I would say much more accessible for the masses that the CFC 37 custom, But to say exact relpicas of Antonie's boards after he's done a world record is semantically misleading, wouldn't take a genius to work that one out (Wink)
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