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Originally Posted by Ian Fox View Post

Maybe some guys just can't see that.. Or read clearly.. Or sign their name.. even Aussies..

Cheers ~ Ian

Ps To infer that you will publicly out any anonymous poster who has something critical to say on a "Free Forum" is very very bad form, you jeopardise your own forum with this sort of behaviour!!!!!

The whole idea of the internet and public forum's is to disseminate accurate information and as much as is possible allow the general masses to access the truth, don't shoot yourself in the foot with these sort of tactics.

I post very regularly on this forum and predominantly have 99% positive things to say (I own starboard products), this was the first time I thought to say something that could be perceived as negative and I'm treated in this way, very very bad form, not sure I'll post here again, and watch your numbers drop off.
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