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Those of you that rejoice in the perceived demise of windsurfing must have very limited and boring lives.

You sound like americans?

Well here in Australia, and remember before you flame an aussie... we are one of your staunchest alies, we actually go to war with you, Windsurfing is growing again, many more numbers on the beach than previous years.

3 years ago, only 2 to 3 windsurfers regularly windsurfed our local beach, now it is beteween 10 and 20 on a given day. Haven spoken to all, about 7 guys have returned to the sport after many years retired, stating got sick of seeing us having so much fun out there, and were motivated to start again. About 4 or 5 have shifted beaches because ours is better than theirs. And about 4 or 5 are newbies.

Apparently this is happening all over australia, as is discussed in australian windsurfing forums. So certainly not a dying sport in Australia!!!!!!!!
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