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Post 7, cheers, no need to applogise. Its a big world & there will always be differences in opinions, and I guess where all entitled to that.

Personally I think its great that SB have invested in a 3 x board range, especially as they already have the iS76 slalom (which could also be classed as light wind speed board, like the forthcomming iS speed W53).


Thanx Mark,

Yes I think It's Brilliant what Starboard are doing!!!!!!!

If marketed like F2 do about their missile which is they openly state that they are using the scoop rocker lines (or whatever they copy) from finian a karins boards on their missile, then it's less misleading. Starbaord make a great product, they listen to their market, they don't need to unintentionally mislead with semantics in their advertising. I wouldn't own a starboard if I didn't think they made a great product, I'm too discerning a buyer.
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