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Cool You've missed the point matt12

Originally Posted by matt12 View Post
Twin fins are nothing new. As jan1 said ... they have been around for many many years.

Guess what the next trend might be ... the thruster design .. with 3 fins just like surfboards.

And Yes .. I owned & used one 10 years ago so they are also nothing new.
Hi matt12,

You've missed the point matt12. We all know that it's been used before. Thing is today we have different board layouts - shorter and wider. This changes how a board can be turned. Today, I guess, even in slower speeds and at tighter turns, the front of a board can be used to turn the board. Continuing, this can be why it is interesting to use twins and thrusters, both, I guess, to have more control over when only a smaller part of the tail tail is in the water, and maybe to have a type of steering more like a four-wheel steered car, i.e. to be able to have the back of the board turn hard without having a complete spin-out.

Do you get my point matt12? I mean, even though it's been used before, today synergizing with other factors, to me it's all new.

But of course, you can always bring up the characteristics of the old just to compare it to the new. But please don't just critisize it based on experiene of how it was in the past - that's not what this thread is about. It's not what we're interested in talking about here. Instead, hang on and explore what's new if your interested.

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