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Default RE: That pesky rear footstrap

Thanks for the very clear details, Roger! Now I have a better idea what to look for when going out sailing.

All straps are in the outboard and back position. After a couple of sessions out of rear strap, I am back in both straps, and able to steer like you describe, though more practice is welcome. The boom is at upper chest/neck level. If I take arms of boom momentarily, I have experienced the sail to stay in place, after trying the Guy Cribbs method for adjusting harnesslines position. But after a local expert adjusted harnesslines more forward some minutes later, the sail went forward and sheeted in(i think, as I do not dare letting arms of for too long) when letting arms of. Got lost adjusting the lines back and forward, then the wind died.. Have also moved mast foot backward, and think it helped. Does this makes sense?

I feel I have to hold back/rake back the boom with arms to avoid catapulting, but suspect I maybe have to move harness lines more back, and hang more in them, so I get enough weight on the sail?

It gets easier every time I am on the water, and i agree with you about the TOW.
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