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Smile Evo 70 and AB+ Wave 78 for sale USD 100/Maui

Sounds like you're at the "dr. destructo" stage of your windsurfing career... Meaning that any board you buy, you will destroy on short order, if you sail with any frequency. Don't let it discourage you. Just make it a principle to first perfect your new maneuvers on an old beater board BEFORE you try them on a brand new one. The list of things that can go wrong when you learn new moves is endless: mast striking the nose, boom striking the tail, stress/breakage from flat-landing, and that's only the start...

I have a well-used but still very serviceable 2004 AB+ Wave 78 or a 2005 Evo 70 that I can send you for $100 each plus cost of shipping. Includes footstraps, no fin. Perfect practice boards.
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