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Thomas- If merryfrankster's boards don't suit you, you should check out the classifieds. Lots of very cheap boards there suitable for highwind b&j / wave use.

Even a fairly old highwind bump & jump / wave board from 1996 or so will probably be a lot better than what you are riding now, and will be suitable for jumping and looping and some freestyle tricks. There are some seatrend ATV boards for sale in the "wave" and "freeride" sections of iwindsurf. Those use tuttle fins, which will let you experiment with swapping fins from the hypersonic.

If you want a 2004-2006 freestyle board you will probably have to pay significantly more. Also, keep in mind that if you're getting a board for less than $150, you may actually have to pay an equal or greater amount in shipping to get it to Canada. So if you can get something locally, or have a friend pick it up for you on a trip back from the Outer Banks or something that would save a lot of cash.

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