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Hi bubi,

I received my new code red slalom set just one month ago (6.7, 7.7 and 9.0) an I can honestly say that the new sails are excellent racing tools.
Last I was powered with 6.7 and 7.7 code reds (2006 model) and 5.4 and 8.4 NP RS6 sails (very similar to NP RSR ).
Altought NP racing sails are quite powerful they feel hard and heavy on my hands (just like the North racing sails), on the other side the code red sails have a lighter and softer feeling (like the Vapors) and to my surprise are extremely fast sails.
I have the fortune of sharig many training sessions with PWA top racer and NP pro team member Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, and I can say that despite Iīm an "old man" and by far less skilled than Gonzo my speed is really very competititive when powered with my Code Reds.
Talking about the new "R3" Code Reds they need longer booms and have deeper profiles than previous models and seems to have more power in the low end and the same exhilarating top speed. They are harder to tune (camsī sistem is different) than my old CR and need more luff tension but whit the correct settings they delivers serious power with minimal effort (a dream for any racer).
As you can see I love my CRs (as I love my Isonics) despite the starboard marketing people didnīt helped me in order to have a complete set of sails for racing
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