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Default RE: Gybing a 150 to 175 liter board.

Thanks, Roger, for the comments. What is a flare gybe? Actually, I really don't do a full blown pivot gybe with the old board. I do that long, large diameter type turn where often I'm sailing for a few moments clew first. Now, this would be in sub-planing light wind conditions which for me are less than 17 m.p.g. with the 8.4. When planing, my gybes are quicker and perhaps resemble the planing gybe with the old boards. However, I realize that you are right. With the new wide board I have, the adjustments have been rather obvious. I've already decided that if I want to plane in lighter winds, I will need to shell out for a bigger rig and wide board like a carve or go. However, in some ways the 8.4 seems as large a sail as I want to handle. Right now I can plane in winds at 17 or higher with the 125 liter board. Would putting that rig on a board with 155 to 175 liters of volume reduce that threshold significantly. Futhermore, what hinders my gybing in bigger winds would be the chop I'm forced to sail in, not the speed. It may because I lack the experience, but I don't find a wide board any easier to handle in rougher waters.
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