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Hi Mark,
James has provided you with some good advice here.
You may want to check some of the shops in the SF Bay Area, but while it's a little further from Redding in miles, you can probably get a better selection and better pricing in the Columbia River Gorge.
There are also a number of mail order operations that can ship you the entire package.
If you want some places to look, send me a "private message" (up at the top on these forums) and I will send you back some businesses that will have what you want for your wife's birthday.
James makes an excellent point about getting some instruction.
Windsurfing in not an "intuitive" sport, and without either some lessons on how to "learn to windsurf, the easy way" or an over abundance of "personal tenacity", many who try the sport, even on the latest and greatest entry level boards and rigs, give up fairly quickly as they aren't having both fun and success.
Might be worth your consideration to find a Starboard/Sailworks "A Taste of Windsurfing" event, or travel to an area with good windsurfing schools and conditions.
Then you and your wife can learn the basics quickly and safely, taking the new skills back home to the waters around Redding where your own new gear will have you out and sailing around on your own vs trying to figure it all out on your own.
Hope this helps,

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