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Originally Posted by utthita View Post
What would you tell the sailors to change so that they might go more vertical, short of using a board that makes it easier?

Actually, I think the easiest way is to get a board that likes to go vertical, sail it for a while and then change back. This will open up your mind towards how it feels and once you're back on you stiffer board you have a kind of vision to work towards. But maybe this is cheating the rule "short of getting a board that makes it easier".

Other than that vision, I think the trick is largely in the sail handling. I actually can not say what particular detail to "change". The best way I can think of to work on that sail handling in wave riding is turning on foam walls. Let the wave break, bottom turn down the wave and then towards the foam. Then flip the board up the white water and make a kind of weightless turn off the foam. When doing this, you will practice the timing in the sail handling. You first need to keep some drive on to have speed to flip the board up the foam. But at the same time you need to your weight off the board and instead kind of hang in the sail for a split second. All of this have to be done without backwinding. So it really involves a lot of the crucial steps. A big plus is that you don't need killer conditions to practice this. When you get the right "pop" in this maneuver you will automatically start doing small airs off the foam. The more onshore conditions are, the harder it will be.
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