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> We have a strong mast program (performance/ strength) and aim to deliver > Severne masts that can be used with other sail brands.

Hi Jesper, was just wondering if you can be of help to answer my questions on the compatibility of Severne Redline 430 Skinny and my Naish Boxer SL 7.0m (2007). The boxer SL is a very special slalom cammed sail designed to use on 430RDM mast. I used to fit the sail with my Gasstra Skinny C75 430. Yet I sold the mast recently as I'm looking for upgrade to a lighter one.

Am doing some research recently and found that Severne's Redline's got the best weight amongst most skinnies in the market (1.5kg for 430; 1.35kg for 400). Yet I still got some questions:

1. How compatible it is to my Naish Boxer SL 7.0m (2007)
2. Any compromise in terms of durability for the feather-light feeling in hand?
3. Can I also ask which one is more durable? Red-line or Blue-line. Would the full carbon version be more brittle? Would one would you recommend for general use. Prevailing condition is 15-25knot. Flat water with little chop (0.5-1.5m).

Apart from this. I've also got 3 other Naish sails:
Boxer 5.4(2005), Boxer 5.8(2005), Force 4.7(2005)
They share the same Powerex 400 Taper mast.
The mast is wearing out. May I also have your info on the compatibilty of Redline 400 RDM on those sails?

Looking forward to have your reply. Thanks for help.

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