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Default ISonic 122

I've been sailing my FType 158 for a couple of seasons and love it with my 10.6 V8. I'm looking for a next step down, something in the 7.0 - 8.5 range that will plane early and offer that same hi-tech feeling of the FType. I have a chance to pick up an '07 ISonic 122 at a very reasonable price. I was considering a performance freeride model in the 120 ltr range but wouldn't really use it in sub 7.0 conditions. For 5.5 - 7.0, I would go with my freemove board.

I had a lot of tweener days in the 8.0/8.5 range where I would like to get on something smaller than the FType and wasn't windy enough for my Freemove.

Am I correct in going for the ISonic? Will this plane faster than a comparable Futura/Jp super sport?

80kg Advanced Rider, who's first priority is early planing then top speed.

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