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Hi blazer,

You know, I'm glad that you raised the question, only because I would like to offer something a bit more unorthodox on the view of things. Really, I only offer this because it often better represents my own view of things.

I'm of the opinion that a full on slalom board can be tempered by the use of less powered sails (rather than high end cambered types). Yet, still focusing on high aspect fins, and even using some more trick weedfins. This is what I do in many situations.

I like the precision of a top of line slalom board with the balanced speed oriented rockline. Even if you're not pressing the envelope like a racing pro, believe me, you can capture much of the gusto a slalom board can offer in contrast to a freeride design.

One crucial point though, the slalom board has to be able to move through some tough water, and I'm not just talking about chop, as swell is in the mix too, and certainly some jumping has to be contended with. Onshore is easier, but start moving wind a little sideoff or more, things do get spirited. Still the horsepower and drive a maneuverable slalom board can offer, the result is quite interesting, and often very rewarding. Maybe, even a wave or two coming in. Of course stiff, but at some venues, it's really only the cream off the top.

I guess its how forgiving you want things to be. An interesting intersection, for sure, because some of us like a bit of spirit to spice things up.

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