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Roly Gardner
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Dear James and Roger,

Thank you both for your replies. All very useful. I need to get out there and "feel " what you are suggesting to see the effects. I like the gear changing analogy. It is like a swing thought in golf and will help me remember what I should be doing and when. One of my problems has been when to go for the straps/harness and in which order. I shall adjust my straps into the forward/inboard position for a bit to give me a chance to get the feel perhaps in slightly less windy conditions, what do you think? I have not changed them since I bought the board and they are in the aft/outboard position at present.

I will certainly try to get some footage to post so that more specific comments can be made. I will try to get my wife to do this although she rarely spectates as she finds it rather frightening!

I always appreciate the help and will let you know how I get on.

Thanks again,

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