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Talking unadventures on the throne

Hmmm, is this new?? I wonder if something has changed. Perhaps they are dumping sewage into the ocean??
my buddy went there many many years ago no issues.

I have however been to the Dom rep cabarete.

When going there windsurf friends , be prepared to get anything from a minor case of "the green apple trots" ( as in : eat alot of green apples and yer trottin to the can alot) , thru and including some minor anal leakage, to a downward spiral of bowel bursting discharge and vomitus keeping you dehyrated, with a severe headache and in bed for a few days.
I was lucky after going to DOm Rep for two consecutive trips to only incur minor anal explosions . Dehyration kept in check by ample salutations of many "dos cervecas por favor!".
My poor missus howver had the embarrasing situation of a full all out gasket blowout whilst walking from the beach to the cabartesurfcamp.

It came on suddenly and with a vengence she told me, leaving her semi cripplied on the ground.
I however and much to my chagrin, while luckily avoiding this WAS Unlucky enough to have to wash her track pants in the shower. Her being so demorilized and all, from the unwanted public display of bowel blowout it was the least i could do to help her poor ego.
Poor thing.
Speaking of showers which i was , "supposely" all the cabarte sewage and grey wash shower water goes into the ocean thru a pipe, not a mile or so from cabarete beach.
Locally caught fish ....didnt taste, wouldnt taste them after that tidbit of info .... ah but i digress.
Thus i wonder about margarita.
There were plans of a sewage treatment plan close to the start of construction back then 2004 ( in carribean timeline about a a few decades away).
But even the water supply there isnt up to 1st world standards and having a shower alone and injesting the local "treated" water could give you gastrointestinal tract a peristaltic pilates workout.

but hey , if it hasnt happened to you take note, even the toughest windsurf rambo will be left mewling on the waterclosest with a case of motezumas revenge.

as to immoduim it stops the flushing but beware , stopping you body from flushing may not be the best thing as it trying to get rid of something its not used to.
Extreme flushing well i am not sure how to qualilfy that ( quantifing it is another matter best left unmentioned !!!) but at some point of extreme dehyrdration some immoduim is probably indicated.
I am howver not a doctor and i dont play one on TV ( the advice was from a doctor friend there at the time of our trip)
I kid you not!!!
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