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I used my 2005 Evo 70 for summertime blasting, jumping, old-school tricks, and onshore wind swell, in winds from 18mph and up, mostly 4.7 and 4.2 with some 3.7 thrown in. It worked great. Very versatile board. Despite what one might think, given the width, it handled chop very well. After some getting used to, I ended up falling in love with it for wintertime side-off waves too. I found that I was choosing it over my radical wave board most of the time. With the Evo I was able to catch way more waves every session. It made me a total convert to the wide and stubby "real wave" board concept. Highly recommended.

PS. I did replace the stock fin to get better drive and more speed. A high-quality 20cm fin gave me a noticeable improvement. The newer fins might be better.
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