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Am I correct in going for the ISonic? Will this plane faster than a comparable Futura/Jp super sport?

Slalom and the comparable freeride are different when it comes to early planing. For a start, a freeride would have much higher volume (for the same width) to be able to carry the same sail. Some people find they plane EASIER (therefore earlier for them), going from slogging to planing gradually and without much sailor input. On a slalom, it's important where you put your weight, how you pump, and it is more off/on feeling when it starts to plane.

It would be good for you to try a few boards, the differences will be obvious immediately.

Some sailors prefer easier/more comfortable/playful ride, while others like it "edgier"/more demanding, it can get hairy as Steve says. You say you're advanced, I believe you'll like the slalom, especially in this wind range (8.50 sail).
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