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QUOTE - "As posted below, i sail in a lake with 30 centimeters chop max at 20 knots of wind max, still advised the is96? "

BTW .. with these wind strengths are we are talking average or max? There is obviously a big difference. I am assuming average. So a 19 knot wind will have gusts to about 23 or 24 knots.

Hmm for lake type conditions, this would be my personal preference for a 70kg rider (same weight as me) .... thinking ... thinking ...

The is101 for 14 to 20 knots, then switch to cheap waveboard.

The is96 for 16 to 21 knots, then switch to cheap waveboard.

Final conclusion .... if it was my largest board (and perhaps only board) then definately the is101 to get max time on water.
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