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Default isonic 105 - straps, track position

Hi All,

got my iSonic 105 yesterday, I was lucky enough to be able to test it immediately in salwater, flat/small chop, 16-18 knots,sail rs4 7,2, fin 40.

the board is simply fantastic: much easier than expected, I felt quickly comfortably ... fast !
I would even say that it is even easier to jibe than my old freeride: once you enter the jibe the isonic carves very sharply without loosing speed.

just a couple of questions about trim:
-footstrap position: tested all the way back (they were already there), what can I expect in the "center" position ? (more control, I guess).
-mast track: tested 1-2cm in front (from middle), board stable over chop, again any suggestion on "sweet spot".

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