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Generally, I wouldn't recommend an EVO if the intended purpose was primarily blasting and B&J. The EVOs no 1 forte is clearly wave _riding_ (in any conditions from onshore onshore slop to mast+ cross off).

But as this thread shows, many people still like their EVO for blasting style sailing. Many like it for freestyle too. Many mag tests also kind of view it as a good high wind blaster, primarily because of its good control in chop and high wind.

So, while the most natural choice for you would be the Pure Acid 74 (see the link Screamer posted), an EVO 74 (with a bigger fin) _could_ also be a good choice but it is very hard to predict how _you_ will like it. If you do your B&J sailing well powered up, chances are bigger that you will like the EVO, I would say, but PA74 is a safer bet.
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