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Default RE: Race sail for 25-35knots

Hi Sergio,

Please excuse the delay- that one slipped thru, been a bit busy lately

Q1 = "what size of Code Red do you think we need for speed in completely flat water and 30-35 knots?"
A1 = The sizes 6.1, 5.6 , 5.1m and even 4.6m would be the range of CodeRed to consider for wind in 30-35 kts in true flatwater speed conditions. You would only need one, max 2, not all 4 sizes. The actual choice would have alot to do with sailor style (personal tuning of sail ;big and flat vs small and powerful and this can change with mast tuning as well), as well as how "solid" the wind is at 30-35 kts. The actual power of the wind is a real factor; if it was really super solid 30-35 a normal 80kg racer would be OK with 4.6-5.1 (not excess power, but not too little either - and low drag!), typical 30-35 would be 5.1-5.6 conditions and thin 30-35 would be 5.6-6.1m. Of course, if the wind is peaking over (or falling under) the 30-35 range, then this influences the choice as well.
With super flat water, (true speed) the board speed becomes very high c/w open water sailing in chop, and the total (apparent) wind load goes higher for a given windspeed, so sail selection for a given wind range really is influenced by the venue.

Q2= "the small sizes of Code Red use RDM or SDM masts?"
A2 = At the moment, the CodeRed is specced using SDM 100% race masts, which do seem to add a little bit extra to rig stability under full/overload conditions. This does include the 2007 small CodeReds, but we are testing some also with RDM.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.

Cheers ~ Ian
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