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Hi Roby
I go from a iS111/7.8/9m to a iS76/6.8/5.8m and the combo works well, clear cut & no cross-over. I'v not tried the iS86 but have used a iS87 with both a 6.4 & 7.6m. The iS76 is 82 ltrs so its only 4 ltrs less (and slightly narrow) than the iS86. Not a big difference in size feeling for iS76 Vs iS87. I think!!! the iS76 has a totally different rocker shape C/W the iS86, and this is where the real difference between the iS76/86 lies, its better in rough sea's. iS76 wide tail will take fins upto 35cm so it does'nt have to be nukin it to ride it, yet plug in a 26/28cm fin and it can handle 40k winds as well.

p.s. I'm 105kg

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