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thanks for quick answer. good luck with gaastra. very nice sails..
can i ask you one more question? I have read some old articles and you are fan of the SL4? Is this the one you use for the full sail range?? or do you ex have SL2 for bigger sails for earlier planing in light wind condition?? am i right in that SL4 is a bit faster in down wind and easier to gybe because of the shape? with the SL4 the board will be heavier in the water and longer untill topspeed? but when your`re powered up your`re more comf with more control and less lift??

what do you think of this?

9.0 42 and 46 SL2
8.3 42 SL2
7.7 38 SL4
6.7 36 SL4
6.1 34 SL4
5.6 32 SL4

thanks again..
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