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Originally Posted by Mezza30 View Post
I know this may not be the place, but the NP forum no longer seems to exist. I want to rig a 9.0 Neil Pryde RS6 on a MaverX Daytona300 and was wondering if anyone has any experience?

Now, before anyone starts... I know, NP are notorious for having limited compatibility and I'd be best off getting an X9. Be that as it may (I don't have 700), I really need to know about the MaverX.

Any help welcome
hi Mezza30,

i own a rs racing 10.7m sail.
i find X9 too 'snappy' and most expensive.

as such, i'm using a maverx 100% daytona carbon mast. the mast is very similar and close to X9, made from the same factory in Italy but for different companies.

so far so good on my rig, no breakage since day 1 and it is cheaper too.


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