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An here it Tatys response:

Hi Ola and all,

I have tried both boards 76 and 86.

I have the time to test both boards in same conditions 6.3 sails choppy conditions.

I weight 73kg..

And I like pretty much the pads of the 76 and the speed is great, it doesn't feel that small, but for me it would be a board that I can use in really high wind days.

As in gusty / windy days it won't be my board of choice..

The 86 is my board that I can use in high windy days plus in gusty wind..

I felt much comfortable sailing on the 86 then on the 76.

I also feel that the 86 is much all around board that can cover the same small sail on the 76 and even a bigger sail then the 76.

Even Gran Canaria when Kevin and I tested these two boards we felt the the 86 is much nicer in speed and much more controlable.

taty nb-9
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