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Taty Frans
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Hi All,

I weight 73kg and Am about 173 in height..

If I had to choose I will not close my eyes and take one but i will see what benefits me and my $$$.

As a rider who gets to try almost all the boards, I will give you my opinion.

The 101 is a board that i personally like and I have sailed it in Open water with 1 meter swells and like the handling very well. it doens't get nervous like the 94 or 96 does..

Sailed with it with my 6.8 down to 6.3 and didn't had any problem even in overpwer conditions with wind 25 knots..

Maybe it's me that like big boards but with a 70kg the 101 It should be enough for you..

at 20 knots max, the 101 is sure a board to go for..

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