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Default Serious Answers Needed

I am selling a lot of my possessions and have a serious windsurfing position here.

Background info: Sail a hypersonic 111 for light winds. Have an old hand made 80 L fsw shape from the mid 90's as my high wind board. I have a 7.6 naish redline sail for light winds, then have a 5.8, 5.0 and a 4.1 for the bigger days. First year windsurfing was last season in 07. I seem to be progressing very fast and pick up things fast as well. I have been sailing just in straight lines with the jibes and the jumps and the forward loop attempts. I am 150 pounds (68kg) and 6 feet (185 cm).

My sailing style I think is turning into freestyle, as the conditions we get around my local spot are flat or a tad choppy. There are no waves really around here either. (Wave sail around 3 times a year in onshore conditions)

My plan as of now is to sell the hypersonic 111 (2004) and hopefully get a decent freestyle board around 110 L. I was wondering if the flare from 06-08 would be good for me. I am going to sell my redline 7.6 (2006) and my 490 mast that goes with it, as well as my big boom and buy a 7.2 Goya FXR (which I can hopefully get for a discounted price). It will hopefully fit on my 460 and my wave chinook triple clamp boom (my redline almost fit).

My questions are:
1. Would the Flare model around 110 L be good for lightwind fun with the 7.2 down to a 5.0 for learning freestyle?
2. Does anyone else have any recomendations? I plan on sailing the board I get in winds even less than planing conditions on my 7.2 (if I get it) with smaller sails and work on lightwind freestyle. I can do this on the hypersonic no problem, but would the decreased width make this harder on the Flare? or is it totally doable

Thanks a lot for your help,

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