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well, I also had a Hyper and then went to an S-type and now I am getting into addicting.

Well, my personal advice now that I am working on freestyle more and more:

Go for a Flare, the one around 110 liters sounds ok for light wind days...and also ok for moderate wind days. I will say you to have the biggest sail that allows the smaller rigging parts so you have a light sail. Better to have a light sail, pump and do a maneouver than to have a very big sail and be planning half time and get exhausted in any maneouver. Again, its better to practice your pumping more and more to have it more efficient. I have seen guys pumping with a 5.0 and doing freestyle while others with 6.5 cant get planning.

If the wind is not for planning forget about big sails, find a wide board (100cm wide) and go for light wind freestyle...really fun and also lets you learn a lot about freestyle as all tricks can be understood in a wide board (but shorter than 270cm) first like a Start, Rio or something similar...then you can sail from 5-15knots with a 4.5 sail and just go for your FLARE in 15kntos up for high wind freestyle.

Last week equipment for me:

4-14knots: START (15cm fin) + 4.2 S1
15-19 knots: Stype (cutted fin to 15cm) 5.7 Blade
20 knots +: Stype (cutted fin to 15cm) 5.0 Blade

Well, I am a kind of slalom, freestyle freeride sailor. This board with different fins does everything for me, but as I am progressing fast to freestyle I will have soon my freestyle dedicated board...FLARE 99.

best luck!
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