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I got out the most on my 7.6 last season. Second I use 111 L hypersonic as my playing around light wind (non planing non powered) freestyle. Practicing upwind 360's, heli tacks, variations of duck tacks etc. The whole thing is I can get one board. So I sell my hypersonic and can get one board. I can't afford getting a second big 140 L board. It would be a waste.

So 110ish L board would not be good for playing around in lighter winds (heli tacks and such with a 5.0 sail etc in non powered wind)

But would it be good for just playing around with a 7.2 and 5.8 just jumping and trying moves like rail grabs and vulcan attempts etc when the wind picked up?

I use my 7.6 (which I am selling for a 7.2 that will fit on my 100% 460) the most and play around even on that when powered doing helis etc.
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