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Well, I go out with my 5.7 and stype 115 in 10-12 knots for just playing around not planning and doing heli tacks, upwind 360s, duck tacks and other spin tricks...but its not as easy as in a wide board...still fun if you dont have a wide board.
But for sure...get one old wide board if you cant afford a new one or dont have someone to borrow one...I can also say that any wide board works, no matter if its good or not, dont need center board, no center fin...almost dont need fin...or well, a 10cm fin is enough...but if you cant find any fin its ok....use your rails to go upwind...or swim...its cool too when you realize that windsurfing is nature too.

there might be old starts, hiflys, bics...around there almost free....

check for them...your life will I had a really good day in light wind freestyle, start + 3.3 in 5-10 knots...I invented a new trick and had an hour practicing to improve it...really fun!

Ricardo Guglielmino
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