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You can't be serious DEN-137. Severne sails look crappy with all that red paint splattered all over them. C'mon mate ... can't you see gimmicks when it is right in front of you!? Even if the performance was awesome (which it's not) I would never be seen with such a ridiculous looking sail.

My vote:
FIRST PLACE = (2) North & (4) Gaastra
THEN Severne.

Based on performance, the safest bet would be the NP except with you would be using with an X6 which then sways the balance to the North & Gaastra with the 100% mast. The North RAMs are great and should be slightly cheaper than the Vapour (as the Vapour is the full race sail comparable to the WARP. I think the materials of the Gaastra are better however.

As Barry Spanier says .... " Upgrade your mast BEFORE your sail !!!! "
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