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Why not Maui Sails TR-4 7,6 (and proper mast)?
If you can, give it a try, but remember it's quite different from usual. If you are accostumed to NP or North, you could end up with an overtensioned, "empty" sail. Be sure to rig it with less downhaul than ususal: stated settings will do, mind the large drop tack is deceiving, take care to have the web tensioner around the extension and not around the universal. Boom neutral or slightly negative. You will be surprised as the sail simply doesn't pull sideways: propulsion only. Take advantage of that by not oversheeting it; again, if you are used to "other" brands you will tend to grab the boom and pull trying to get "that" feel, but this sail works different. If you do everything OK, you will find yourself holding a sail that feels light in the wind, planes by itself and propels your board effortlessly to speeds that with other sails would require lots of physical resources... that you will save, and use to deal comfortably with the strongest gusts.
In other terms: don't rule it out as it can be a really nice surprise, and remember it's different.

Agree with unregistered: good proper mast is even more important than the sail. This would automatically rule out the NP RS:SL + X6 from your list. I understand one can feel unsafe to buy 100% NP masts, as they even limit warranty to 6 months, but then in my view the right choice is "other brand", not X6.

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