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The Code Red 2008 has significant more power than in 2007(more shape low in the sail), but still some backhand pressure left and a good balance of tension and leach twist.

So when comparing the sails mentioned in #1, no doubt the priority is

1) Severne Code RED2 7.7 with 100% Carbon mast or Gaastra Vapor 7.6 with 100% Carbon mast.
2) NS RAM-F8 7.8 with 100% Carbon mast.
3) NP RS-Slalom MKII 7.8 with X6 mast.
F8 and RS-Slalom are more comparable with Severne Overdrive

Regarding masts : Severne Redlines proofed their top quality the last 3 years, X6 holds fine, Gaastra had some problems last year.
:-) Steve Allan secured his title at the 2008 Oceanic & Australian Formula Windsurfing Championships, by using Jesper Orths Severne Redline mast in the Vapor.The Gaasta mast broke.

If extending the choices the TR4 would be an option too.

The best looking sail on the water is the Code Red for sure. :-)
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