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Default Newish Windsurfer - Board & Rig Help?

I have been windsurfing for 1 season now and have been using pretty old hire boards for practice. I am looking to get my own kit and could really do with some help.

Boards currently used are old style approx 2.5m long and 600m wide at around 145 ltrs. Sail is old and sized at 5m.

I can sail happily around a lake with this kit though getting it planning is a real issue and just cant seem to quite get it there even in 20mph winds!

I weigh 70kgs and am 175cm tall.

There seem to be so many boards in the market and some mixed advice. I would like a board and rig I can really progress one, but at the same time I dont want to have to change it in a years time as they're not cheap.
Help on the right kit would be very appreciated.

Many thanks,
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