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note that bend curves for Maui Sails TR-4 are 100% compatible with Gaastra masts. Personally, I own a Gaastra Ignition 100% carbon race 460/25 as a backup for my MS SRS 100 mast, and worked/works perfectly well on TR-2, TR-3 and TR-4. Main difference as far as I see is that Maui Sails masts are built stronger and slightly heavier. So if you rule out TR-4s because of mast bend, you should as well rule out Vapors.

When comparing different sails for power, remember to sort forward pull from sideways pull! The first one is what propels you; the second is what makes you need more fin and/or more angle of attack, both things that slow you down. Many sails will feel "powerful" because of lateral pull, but in reality are just hard to sail.

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