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Default RE: isonic 105 - straps, track position

Hey Roberto. I'm 65kg and love my 105 too. I can confirm what Ian is saying. When you are powered up, the 34cm fin is great on a 7.7 (that's what I use). You will love this board as long as you pick a sail that will be get you powered up. When I get in mixed conditions, I find I want to switch to a board with more flotation so I'm not working so hard. For highwind conditions, I haven't played around with the footstrap position yet. I have them all the way back, and again can confirm what Ian was saying. The board exhibits control issues when I'm in chop that's all over the place. This weekend, I finally got a handle on controlling the board in 4.8 conditions, so I'm pschyed. I bought a 30cm fin for these conditions but there were too many weeds. I had to use my 32cm weed fin -- which worked out pretty good.

When things got out of hand, I switched to a 91L freeride board. I will say, I like how the iS jibes better than the freeride. I feel more power in the jibe, but the freeride can come around faster. On the freeride, I have to work more at exiting with speed, while the iS comes out of jibes with tons of speed.

I know the 4.8 sounds pretty small. I went the Hucker route. When I would have used a 5.5, I put less downhaul in the sail and it got me going just fine -- fully powered up. When the wind started to kick, I downhauled it past the recommended mark and the sail was very easy to control no matter what the wind did. I think I've found new life in high-wind windsurfing with this sail. When I replace my 6.0 and 6.6, I'll probably get a 5.6 hucker. I'm a fan.
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