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Question wave board for 105kg sailor

I'm a wave sailor but find it hard work using boards with less liters than I am kg. It is most often cross off with good wave riding conditions but the wind is often very gusty and full of holes, and often very choppy and maxing out the back. Don't want anything too wide. My acid 94 is fine on the clean wind days but is a sinker in the holey wind days and I can't get the waves. I'm 196cm / 105kg and can crank a stiffer board about. My question is what would a STAR BOARD 2003 Freestyle 107 liter be like in the waves, as I can pick one up locally? I like US fin box's to reposition fins etc. Also will a trance 94 get me planning and be better in the waves than my acid 94? What board do you suggest (older models that I can afford) ??

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