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I don't think the Freestyle board will do the job very well, particularly not if you're used to (the excellent) Acid 94. I also don't think the Flare 94 will do the job any better.

On the new boards, the EVO 100 would do the job, despite being a bit wide. There is a lot of control built into the shape.

But looking at older boards, I suggest you approach at least the 05 model year and look at the Kombats. The First year (K105) had soft rails and a rather curvy rocker. Many heavier people like it in waves, but it is not an early planing machine. The 10+ extra liters should keep you much better afloat though and that usually measn getting onto waves far easier. The following years models (K106, K107) have faster rocker and rails, but they share these with the Pure Acid wave boards from the same years, so they are definitely still wave worthy by any standards. If you want something bigger but similar in feel to the A94 you have, I think Kombats from 06 and forwards are the best bet so if you can find such a board at a good price, I think you will be set.
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