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I forgot the main point...
In my view, if Maui Sails (and Gastra?) use different bends there is a reason. A Maui Sails rig bends and reacts to the wind over its total length, while others do so only over a small (top) fraction of it. With Maui Sails, you feel the sail "load" like a spring when a gust hits. When I switched from a Neil Pryde RS:3 7.5 to a TR-2 7.6 (both classic, narrow sleeve designs) the difference was quite sensible. This requires the ability to design a sail that accomodates huge changes in leading edge shape while sailing, and I believe this is not common. However, "low (8 - 10) bend charachteristic" mast bends such as Maui Sails' bring a real advantage compared to "classic" (12) or "mainstream" (14 - 16) ones, expecially to normally sized and fit sailors. I would suggest the purchase of such masts as a very sound investment in first place, and the move to suitable sails as a consequence; rather than vice versa.

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