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Default Futura 122 with 9.0 sail

Hey guys,

I had no luck to link with "Ask Our Team" so I'll try here the thing is that I really need help

I've already bought a brand new sail RAM-F8 9.0, because here we have mostly light winds (my wish is start gliding then the wind is ~10knots). Know I am thinking to buy a brand knew Futura 122 (my style is freeriding), but I'm not shure that it will go with each over (Futura122 with 9.0 sail)? and the worst is that one's says that it will be good combination and others says conversely, that I'll have hard time to handle it. So now I'm realy fluster , because I've already gave handsel for my knew Futura 122. But of course, it's not too late to change my mind and take other board.

I'm ~75kg weight. I already have 7.0 sail (NP V8 '06)
The thing is that I like going fast, so I need fast freeride board. The last two seasons I've rided Fanatic shark 145 with my NP sail.

Of course we have days then the wind is 20-30 knots so I'd like to ride the same board and use my 7.0 sail.

I'll be really, really grateful for your advices and recommendations. Maybe someone of you are riding similar combinations?

Have a good wind!

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