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Thank you guys for advices and remarks!!! know I feel much better. I already have experience in riding when it's blowing ~28 konots. I was doing it with my Fanatic shark 145HRS and sail 7.0 NP, I had lots of fun, but as you said it was really challenging and punishing. The water was flat and fresh.

Well anyway, I made decision to buy Futura 122 and try it with the sale 9.0 and if it will not work, I'll sell this sail and try lets say 8.0 sail. I think its the best I can do in this context.

Of course I think and about smaller sail (~6.0) with no cambers to go in to the sea (Baltic sea), know I sail in lakes and heaps (Kursiu heap), but I'll think about that later

Thanks again for your reply! I really appreciate that!
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