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I believe that a F122 will be a little small for a 9.0 and way too big for (true) 25 knots. I haven't sailed it, but I have tried many boards with a 9.0 (that's my largest sail) and I think you really need about 75cm wide board (iS122 for example). Possible/doable combo is one thing and comfortable combo that will give you real early planing benefits in 10 knots, is another. I say this because you've mentioned mostly light winds and bought a 9.0 sail.
145 lit + 7.0 in 28 knots? Well maybe on a lake, holey wind, sheltered water, etc. In true, average 28 (border of Force 7), on the sea, you'll need around 4.5 on an 80 lit board.

Good luck

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