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Default kitesurfers - windsurfers should be seperated

I heard that a kitesurfer allowed his kit to swing down onto a windsurfer at a local beach to me here in the UK, which resulted in the lines acting as cheesewire and slicing off the windsurfers ear and side of their face. this isnt nice. And is totally irresponsible for Kitesurfers who enter the water who are not completely competent. maybe a license should be incurred before they are allowed to take part. Plus i bet hardly any of them have insurance?

i also know of a guy who got picked up in a freak gust and the kite launched him into a sea wall, resulting in him being knocked out and swallowing his tongue. He nearly died and needed CPR. He is fine now, but very nearly wasn't with us.

Kitesurfers should have their own areas at beaches if they wish to participate... just so that they are not endangering other water users which could be fatal. I have respect that they have a love for the ocean, however Im sure most windsurfers would agree with this idea, and most responsible Kitesurfers could see the dangers involved with mixing up water users and should agree too...?
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